Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How to get vomit off a child's car seat

Erin was a bit of a Crankenfuss Sunday. Early Monday morning I awoke to her making vomit sounds. In the bed. Right next to me. I shot up fast and turned on the light. I didn't see anything, but grabbed a towel in case.

"Does your tummy hurt?" I asked her. It did. She fell back to sleep in my arms. At a saner time later, we got up and got ready for a grocery run. Since Erin didn't want breakfast at breakfast time, I packed a juice and Cheerios for her and loaded us up in the car. Halfway to the store, she starts crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Ew! Mommy! She's throwing up!" Lanie says. I pull over fast and open the door. The child and her car seat are covered in vomit. She's freaking out because, really, in all her life, she has never thrown up. I had no paper towels. No extra clothes. I grabbed the cloth shopping cart cover and placed it over her, did a u-turn and headed home. Note to self: keep a roll of paper towels in the car.

Once she was cleaned up, changed and comforted, I approached the car seat. I called Ann, my trusty and super-clean friend who can clean anything. She tells me what to do: squirt liquid dish soap all over the car seat. Then scrub and hose it down--well. Then take the cover off and all the belts and fasteners and clean them all. Let the fasteners soak in cleaner. Wash the belts and cover in the washing machine. Let the cover air dry. Reassemble.

"Pay attention to how you take it apart," she warns. I remember once trying to disassemble a car seat Lanie puked on years ago. We ended up throwing it away because we couldn't get it back together. This would not be good. I decided to call another friend. (Sorry, Ann.)

I prefer this other friend's advice. Just clean it up as best you can and then put it back in the car. The stink won't last forever.

So while I scrubbed and rinsed and scrubbed and rinsed what I could without taking it completely apart, I became aware that I was feeling sympathy nausea. At least, until the chills and aches hit me. I was down for the count. Fortunately, the car seat was finished and left to dry in the sun.

Erin was skipping and hopping around, famished, after a good and long afternoon nap. I, however, was not so skippy. Or hoppy. Or hungry. Woke up to more of the same today.

"How's the YOU diet going?" someone asked.

"Um. Good--considering I can't eat anything!"

By this afternoon, the car seat was dry. Assembled. Put back into the car. And not stinky. I was another pound lighter. And we finally got the grocery shopping done.

This week's menu:

Monday: fend for yourself, Mama's sick
Tuesday: Recession spaghetti (noodles and meatless sauce). I ate half a turkey sandwich and a dish of berries because pasta and sauce sounded gross to my tummy.
Wednesday: chicken penne pasta (dbl batch for giving away)
Thursday: shrimp and snow peas (a new favorite)
Friday: flank steak and salad
Saturday: no dinner, church night
Sunday: Mexican lasagna

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Karen said...

I recommend a box of wipes for the car. I love wipes!