Monday, August 17, 2009


It had the potential of being a bad day. Cranky kid. (Cranky mom.) Housebound schedule. Humidity and not much to do. It was slowly beginning to unravel. Plans to eat out with grandma were canceled and I relied on an old favorite dish which I didn't get to make last week because of my stomach virus (mmm, chicken penne pasta with two extra batches for giving away). Met with grumbling from my two kids in stereo over having to eat family food. Me wondering, why this battle? We didn't know what to do with ourselves.

Fortunately, earlier today I was reading over at Simple Mom who had some boredom busters. And me, with overflowing bag of toilet paper tubes. Enter foyer bowling. I set up tubes. I found a ball. I explained the rules and helped the kids enjoy taking turns. Soon, we were all cheering each other and clapping hands. Shane came to see the fun and became the official pin setter. Game after game. Lanie got a strike. And Erin got some down despite her distracted efforts.


"Who likes bowling? Raise your hand!" I challenged. Shane, Lanie and I immediately raised our hands. Erin looked around at us, confused at first, and then raised her hand high. Then time after time, she was the one to shout out, "Raise your hand!" and we all did and laughed.

Toilet paper tubes ... who knew? A strike and a score. Thanks, Simple Mom.

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