Sunday, September 27, 2009


Putting Lanie to bed last night, she was interested in talks and cuddles. She traced the lines that corner my mouth.

"Where'd you get these," she asked.

"Years of smiling," I said.

"Do I have them?" she wondered.

"When you smile, you do," I answered.

"They don't stay when I stop? I guess I don't smile enough."

"If you want them to stay even when you don't smile, you'll have to wait until you're about my age. Your skin is too young now for them to stay."

She traced the lines some more, and I didn't feel ashamed that my face bears tracks of happiness. Then she went to the space between my eyebrows.

"Are these from frowning?" she asked.

I like a friend's description of them as concentration lines.

"Maybe," I said. Probably, I thought. Thankfully, I think the smile lines run deeper.

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