Sunday, September 27, 2009

Note to self: mommy moment

Sat with Erin in my arms after lunch. She gave me good hugs and I said aloud, "I love love." And then I said to her, "I love you!"

Erin repeated me, "I love you!" and hugged tighter. I said it over and over to her repeated echoes, each time, each one of us getting louder and until we were almost yelling. I felt my eyes water with emotion, my heart pushing against its seams. It felt so good.

In the quiet, Erin spoke gently in my ears, "You're my friend."

"You're my friend, too," I said.

Note to self: remember this moment forever.


5intow said...

Such sweet, cherished moments. You capture them perfectly. Jewels!

Courtney said...


Thank you, Erin.