Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy birthday to Lanie

Still dark when I woke up this morning to make the traditional birthday Fluffy Buns. I'm so glad Lanie likes tradition. Erin woke with me to help.

"On my birthday, can I have fluffy buns and blueberry muffins and Dora cupcakes?" she asked.

She knew the blueberry muffins were for Lanie's class yesterday. Fluffy Buns, Lanie's favored breakfast treat. And Dora cupcakes as featured on the station formerly known as Noggin, now Nick Jr.

"Sure," I smiled and looked forward to the daily reminders of her request for the next eight weeks. Erin, who can't understand why we can't put up a Christmas tree today, or just celebrate her birthday now. I think I might have to just make those Dora cupcakes to tide her over. Eight weeks is a long, long time to a two year old.

Lanie came downstairs to hugs and birthday wishes and the delicious cinnamon-sugar-scented goodness fluffing away in the oven.

"I still feel six," she said. I hear you. I still feel thirty-five, despite my body's groanings that I'm not.

"Maybe you will feel seven tonight after dinner when we're singing to you and we eat birthday cake. Or when you open your present," I suggested.

"Yeah, we got you Strawberry Shortcake!" Erin said. Exuberantly. For like the fifth time since we purchased the gift. Still working on discretion ...

"Erin!" Lanie complained.

Happy birthday to my sweet seven.

It goes so fast.


Beckie said...

Here's wishing you a LOVELY 7th Birthday Lanie! We love you!

-The whole gang over here

Courtney said...

I'll be sure to tell her. =)