Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monkey dress

I was so excited to get some fall clothes for the kids at half the cost. I opened the package when it arrived Monday, eagerly snipping off tags and removing size stickers. I got a little too snip-happy with the diaper panties that were fastened underneath the monkey dress--snipping a nice nick into the chest of the dress. I groaned. There was no way I could return it.

Erin didn't mind.

"That's ok, Mama, you can fix it," she said. I hoped I could with such a little one looking up to me. Today, we went to the fabric store where I explained my snafu. A kind assistant sold me a 6 cent fix-it (like stitch witch) and made a great suggestion of sewing a button over the whoops. Or even a bow. What a great tip.

I wish all my snafus in life could be so easily mended and prettied up.


Karen said...

The little bow or button idea is such a great one. What a nice lady!

Courtney said...

We had a lot of fun picking out a cute button to go on the dress. Surprisingly, in some respects, I'm shocked there's not a stitch of pink thread in this house. And then I remembered, oh yeah, I don't sew. Need to get pink thread b/c stitch witch is useless on buttons.