Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pick your own

Nice that the grass mowing is nearing a halt and that Shane can spend more weekend time doing family stuff than yard work. After a housebound day in yesterday's rain, today's sunshine was like a firing shot at the start line. We were off ... to the pumpkin patch.

We rounded the corner to pumpkin parking and were all (well, all us girls) gasping at the endless sight of pumpkins spread out before us. We grabbed a wheel barrow and Erin picked up every little pumpkin she wanted and loaded them in. Lanie was looking for the biggest and the best. We settled on one biggest-and-best and two littles. The kids road in the wheel barrow for awhile, their giggles echoing out across the bounty. Heart: capture that moment.

I did a quick stop at Home Goods to get candles for the mantle. They've already decorated the store for Christmas. When we walked through the doors, it was really rather magical and Erin screamed--SCREAMED with excitement. Several shoppers stopped at looked at her in surprise. Shane and I laughed. And then we laughed harder. Other people smiled and laughed with us. Her enthusiasm and joy is untamed. And it's a wonderful thing.

We also went book shopping. I got Peter Mendel's book Material World and Lanie got an I Spy Extreme Challenger Book. She's hooked on them. I'm a bit fascinated with them as well and am guilty of sneaking off with the books from time to time. Shane and I enjoyed White Chocolate Mochas. Then we took the kids out to dinner. My man was beat by the time we got home. Erin was excited to see the moon out and wondered about stars. Lanie was quick to look at her book. And I'm just glad for a full, fabulous fall day.

Happy to be.

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