Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Lanie is doing a timeline about herself to present to the first grade class. Today we went through a box of pictures I had that dated way back. Pictures of baby Lanie. Playing Play-doh and dolls. Buried under a mountain of stuffed animals. Her first tricycle. Eating ice cream at the beach. Finger painting. Glamor day at the mall. As big sister. Her first best friend. Dance recitals. So many memories flooding back.

"You sure took a lot of pictures of me," she said. Proud.

And then the flood of Erin pictures, baby days I hardly remembered. Surprised she was even a baby ... my memory so hazy. I showed Shane the pictures we decided to use. We smiled and reminisced about the time. One picture of me and the girls stood out.

"Your eyes are so blue, all of you," he said. "You look so happy."

My eyes watered. It didn't seem that long ago. It goes so fast.

"I wish we'd started a family sooner," he said. So we could have had more.

Me too.

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