Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mini fete

Erin turns three on Friday, but we had a mini party with some of her Wednesday playdate friends. She wanted a My Little Pony cake--my artistic abilities are limited to drawing a Bob the Tomato. I wanted a candy cane cake (because my artistic abilities are limited to drawing a Bob the Tomato). So I improvised (chocolate cupcakes, white icing, crushed candy canes, and a little pony figurine on top of Erin's cupcake).

Thought we were not going to have a party with the snow and sleet the night before. But woke to rain and melting snow, so that was good. We decorated gingerbread men cookies as a craft. One candy on the cookie, and handful in the mouth--and that was the kids, not me. One friend who couldn't make it asked me what our theme was: uh, sugar.

They turned out really cute.

But the singing was the best part for me. I love the look on her face.

After some playing, she comes up to me and whispers, "Mama, can I open my presents now?"

Too cute. I love her.


jodie said...

She looks more like four in that pic. Sorry I'm rushing things.

Karen said...

I love the cookie on the top of the blog. That is how things still get eaten around here. Icing and candy consumed...and then just a bite or two off the cookie!