Thursday, December 3, 2009

My favorite heart

I love twos and threes. Oh, I just love them all. I love watching a personality emerge, along with all the likes and dislikes, the eccentricities, all of it. It's really cool to watch a person bloom.

Erin's going to be three next week, and honestly, the time flew by. I always say that. But it did. And I just want to write down every single minute of this wonderful, the softness of her skin, the tinkle of her giggle, the fun of her imagination.

Tonight, I don't know how I did it, but I broke a pair of scissors while cutting some flowers for a vase. Erin pipes up, "I'll fix it, Mama!" And she pulls a chair over to climb up and assess the situation.

Or at the playground today when the twisty slide freaked her out and she wouldn't go down it until her big sister demonstrated how fun it was. Then I spent the next forty-five minutes watching her go down the slide, and it could have lasted forever and I wouldn't care.

Or how she has a stuffed elephant, a plush puppy and Lanie's Webkinz pony and calls them all her puppies. She carries them around everywhere, her Noonoo blankets saved in bed for sleeping times only now.

Or lately as she recounted over and over about the scary monster in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. She said she wouldn't care about the monster if she saw the movie again, it wouldn't scare her. But she curled in closer to me anyway.

After dinner, she said to me quite unexpectedly, "You're my favorite girl, Mama. I mean, you're my favorite heart." And then I chased her down and covered her in kisses until my lips hurt.

The highest compliments I've ever been paid have been as a mother. And I cherish each one.

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5intow said...

So sweet. I love twos and threes as well. I think no house should ever be without them. :-)
They bring very pronounced challenges, but some of the most treasured times of motherhood.