Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Novice, expert ... master

Lanie got Bop-it for Christmas, which turned out to be her very favorite thing. In fact, it was a hit with everyone, including Erin. We all took turns, Erin's high score being five, and the rest of us, different scores. However, I maintained high score and gleefully, obnoxiously gloated it over everyone. You couldn't turn Bop-it on without being reminded of my high score, after which it was announced, I would announce it in egotistical echo, "Thirty-nine!"


And then, the jewel, "One hundred!"

Which became a slight taunt to everyone who had to follow me. By the end of our Christmas weekend, my one hundred had reached all-caps, smiling pride.


My one hundred unlocked the next level of expert. It gets really confusing at expert, and Lanie followed the commands better than my decaf brain did. So I let her run with it. While I managed a meager twenty-one at expert, she was climbing the ranks until to her great surprise, just minutes ago, she reached the coveted master level.

"One hundred!" said Bop-it.

"One hundred!" squealed Lanie, not unlike her mama.

Bop-it said, "Novice, expert," Lanie pushed the button once more to hear, "Master."

"Master," she echoed. I could hear the power surge.


jodie said...

Note to self: don't play games with Courtney.

Courtney said...

HAHAHA! Now that's funny!

Amy in Peru said...

oh my wow. why is this game like that? I thought it was just our family. my kids learned at grandma's and actually asked her to bring it down with her to Peru when she visited us in Sept. Suitcase space is precious... it came. Then the fun began, same story. I'm no good though, no worries. But my kids were playing it NON-stop. I made a little dance to the rhythm. oh my.

amy in peru

Courtney said...

Great story, Amy!