Monday, December 21, 2009

Spending the holidays with Mr. Cookie Baker

Who didn't bake cookies this weekend? Well, technically we didn't. But I did prep the dough after reading Mr. Cookie Baker by Monica Wellington. We did a library run before the big snow came and I'm glad I grabbed this book. At the end, they list four different cookie recipes. We tried "Mr. Cookie Baker's Sugar Cookies." I'm going to guess Mrs. Wellington doesn't want me posting her recipe for sugar cookies, so you'll either have to go read the book to your three year old, or Google a sugar cookie recipe.

I recommend using parchment paper. Our first batch was glued to the pan and a huge disappointment. The second batch (with parchment paper) was lovely and made me change my mind about sugar cookies.

Homemade icing, sprinkles, and two helpers and we were ready to go.

Still, as much as I like cookies, I'm glad cookie season is almost over.

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jodie said...

wish I could eat cookies: pb, snickerdoodles, pb blossoms, choc chip, your truffles. sigh.