Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perspective and joy

I went to the "blood store" today to give blood for some lab work. When I got there, the place was packed. Every mom who was there was there with all her kids as well. It was standing room only. The lab techs were kind and handed out stickers, all of which she gave my kids I ended up wearing. After fifteen minutes, I hear a tech say, "Ugh. The copier is broken." Five minutes later, no one was moving. It was at least six families before me and we hadn't even been checked in to the computer system.

Me. The one who guzzled an entire bottle of water so my veins would be plump for the stabbing. Me. Whose little Erin decided this crowded dance floor was the perfect place to spin around with her blanky. Three separate times in fifteen minutes, I pulled Erin close to me to say, "Look in my eyes. It's not ok to spin here. There are too many people." I started to stress slightly at the young couple whose infant was in his carrier, just steps from Erin's moves. All this within thirty minutes of the littles' lunch time.

I knew what had to be done. I crossed my name off the waiting list and rounded up the kids. We walked out. My kids happy to be on the move again in sunshine. And me, wearing stickers all over my pants. Regretting the bottle I guzzled in light of the library video return I had to make on the way home.

Lanie says from the back seat, "Mom, that truck says Budweiser."

My little reader.

Come home to find an email from a friend who commented that kids provide perspective and joy. Thank you, friend, for that. Because they do: A sunshiney, spinning, sticky stickering, face hiding, blanky toting, truck reading, dramatizing, huggable, kissable, lovely, loving, chocolatey delicious perspective.

And joy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Morning has broken

3:50 a.m. Up to make Shane's lunch.
5:00 a.m. Finally back to sleep.
5:20 a.m. Erin decides to wake up. I tell her it's still dark out. She tells me to turn on the light. Then she starts to cry. I try to settle her down. She asks for a tissue.
5:25 a.m. I get the tissue. Erin has stolen my spot on the bed. When I scootch her over, she begins to cry in all-caps.
5:45 a.m. We are both back to sleep.
6:12 a.m. Lanie climbs into bed. She brings her sniffles. *Sniffle.*Sniffle.*
6:20 a.m. I send her back to her room because the sniffles are too much.
6:40 a.m. Lanie comes back into my room promising not to sniffle. She curls up too close to Erin and wakes Erin up.
6:41 a.m. Erin cheerily says, "Good morgeen, Mama!" Um. Ok.
6:44 a.m. We're up for cuddles.
7:00 a.m. We're finally out of bed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mini me

Erin and I had a girls' day out yesterday while Lanie was at the Academy.

We had a yummy breakfast at home. Got dolled up for a fun day. Went for a lovely foggy morning walk. Went the to nail salon. The manicurist asked Erin, "Do you want me to paint your nails?"

Erin eagerly climbed into my lap and spread her hands out. Then she put her freshly painted nails near the fan and let them dry. When we got to the car she chatted away in her breathless 2-speak how she couldn't wait to show Lanie and the (carpool) kids. And Daddy.

Mama, fix it?

My dear friend Denise got Lanie some really great books at Christmas. They're like I Spy, but called Can You See What I See? Erin has decided they are hers. She is especially fond of the pages that are covered in cookies and candies. She and Shane read these books together nearly every night and she decides who is allowed which treat. Funny that the answers are the same every night.

In recent days, she has brought these books to me on several occasions for a little doctoring.

"Mama, fix it?" she holds the pages out to me. Lucky for us that scotch tape can handle the job because my fix-it skills can be quite limited beyond that. Especially if anything requires sewing (Bun Bun the bunny is still missing his ear going on six months now).

These books are nearly held completely together with tape. Thank you, Denise, for gifts my kids just adore.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Erin makes a snowball.
Lanie looks like she is buried in this!

Two kiddos preparing for fun.

Erin waits patiently for me to get myself together. Snapping pictures with gloves on is tricky business.
It wasn't even 7 a.m., and Lanie was at my bedside informing me she had eaten breakfast and brushed her teeth and was ready to go play in the snow. I tried to buy myself some time, "Ok, let's wait just a little bit, because it's going to snow all day. Let's say we'll go out at 9?"
But in the meanwhile, I broke up three scuffles and had a kid in timeout. It was time to go out. By 8:30 we were getting on coats and gloves and boots. By 8:50, we were outside. I pulled the kids on the sled; we rode down the hill on the side of our yard a couple times, and I'm sure anyone watching us was amused to see me struggling to walk back up the hill. Holding a child. I finally had to crawl.
We were finished our play by 9:30 a.m. to everyone's great satisfaction. I'm guessing we got 6-8 inches, the deepest snow of the season. And I find myself secretly wishing that it's the last snow of the season.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Around the house

Shane snapped this picture of me and Lanie the other day. It's hard for me to believe that she's officially a full-fledged reader. Fortunately, she still enjoys having me read to her.

Erin also likes reading and playing dolls and some typical girlie stuff, but from very early on we knew she had a special thing for tools. Yesterday, I entertained her for a bit while Shane was replacing the garbage disposal under the sink. At some point, I stuck my nose in a book and Erin took off. Then I hear Shane having a conversation with her. She had parked herself as close as she could get to him and his tools and was intently watching what he was doing.

I'm amazed when I can see talents and interests in my kids at such a young age. In all seriousness, at just past two, when Lanie could hold a crayon in her hand, she was drawing very obvious people figures. It's her gift, and perhaps a calling, for her to be artistic.

Erin, from much younger than two, has been interested in tools and how things work. I remember a project Shane was working on. The girls and I went to admire the finished product, but Erin barely gave it a glance and took off to check out the toolbox Shane had left on the floor.