Sunday, September 27, 2009

Note to self: mommy moment

Sat with Erin in my arms after lunch. She gave me good hugs and I said aloud, "I love love." And then I said to her, "I love you!"

Erin repeated me, "I love you!" and hugged tighter. I said it over and over to her repeated echoes, each time, each one of us getting louder and until we were almost yelling. I felt my eyes water with emotion, my heart pushing against its seams. It felt so good.

In the quiet, Erin spoke gently in my ears, "You're my friend."

"You're my friend, too," I said.

Note to self: remember this moment forever.


Putting Lanie to bed last night, she was interested in talks and cuddles. She traced the lines that corner my mouth.

"Where'd you get these," she asked.

"Years of smiling," I said.

"Do I have them?" she wondered.

"When you smile, you do," I answered.

"They don't stay when I stop? I guess I don't smile enough."

"If you want them to stay even when you don't smile, you'll have to wait until you're about my age. Your skin is too young now for them to stay."

She traced the lines some more, and I didn't feel ashamed that my face bears tracks of happiness. Then she went to the space between my eyebrows.

"Are these from frowning?" she asked.

I like a friend's description of them as concentration lines.

"Maybe," I said. Probably, I thought. Thankfully, I think the smile lines run deeper.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

E & E

Lanie wore a polka dot dress today. After school and while we were having snack, she decided to climb into my lap and talk. We started talking about all kinds of things, and then the conversation naturally came to chocolate.

"Your polka dots could be M&M's," I said. I tickled some polka dots along her sleeve saying, "M, M, M, M."

"You mean 'E'," she said.

"You think they're E's?" I asked.

"They aren't E's?" she replied.

Then we laughed hard.

Friday, September 18, 2009

14, 14, 14

Overheard kiddos playing hide and seek--a favorite of theirs this summer. Erin does well being "it." She hides her face and counts, "1, 2, 3 ..." while Lanie runs and hides.

Continues along in sequence and then gets a laugh out of me as she sticks on, "11, 12, 13, 14, 14, 14 ! Ready or not, here my come!"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeding frenzy

I was sitting at my desk, wrapped up in a handmade crocheted pink shawl. Erin comes in and says, "Why you have that on, Mama?"

"Because I'm cold. And I didn't have anyone to keep me warm. So I put this on. Because I'm cold!" I said, shivering for dramatic effect.

"Take it off and I keep you warm."

I took the blanket off my shoulders and opened my arms, and in climbed the most delectable two year old I know. She hugged me tightly and I squeezed her back.

"I think I love you!" I said.

"I think I love you too!" she replied. And then I ate her. She laughed and squirmed and squealed as I tickled her sides and neck and arm pits. I made frenzied gobbling sounds and ate her up.

"I love you!" she told me again. "Can I please have some juicy?"

I got up to get her some juice. Lanie asked, "What are you guys doing?"

"I'm fixing Erin a juicy," I said. "And then I'm going to EAT HER UP!"

Erin laughed. Shortly after, she finds me wrapped in the shawl.

"Mama, take off you blanket and I keep you warm!" She climbed into my arms again and told me over and over, "I love you!" And it warmed me right up.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Erin's thinking of birthdays already. Hers is in December. "Please make me a Strawberry Shortcake cake? With sprinkles?"

"Ok," I smile.

"You can come to my party, too!" she says, face beaming, hugging me tight.

"Thank you!" I say. Wouldn't miss it.


Lanie was humming a song today. "Mom, what's the song about homework?"

"I don't know what you mean," I said.

"The one on the radio. You know, about homework."

I'm hoping she doesn't start to get exasperated because I have no clue what she's talking about. She offers up part of the lyrics, "I don't want to give my homework and lose my soul," she sings.

Huh? And then, oh.

"It's I don't want to gain the whole world and lose my soul!" I say. We had a little laugh over that.

Friday, September 4, 2009

SSF--end of summer

It's our last super surprise Friday of the summer, and it's a full celebration.

The biggest surprise is the play center we're going to, where they have all kinds of fun stations for kids to play: a fire truck, sand stuff, tea party stuff, and other things. And then we're having the snowball we didn't get last week. Tonight, it's an end-of-summer type of party at a new friend's house and I'm so looking forward to it. Especially the part about wearing a jacket, because I love this weather we're having.

There are a few other things to do today as well, which may or may not be considered surprise-worthy to the kids: making Italian-style mac and cheese to bring along tonight, making frozen chocolate covered bananas, dropping off food to a friend, getting diapers at the big superstore.

It's a busy day.

So long summer. Looking forward to next week's co-op orientation and then Wednesday's first day of first grade.