Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drum roll

It's been a hoppin' few weeks around 66 Books. A lot of time has gone into creating that blog, a year in fact of many people committing to seeing that year through--and some of those returning to do it again with me this year. I appreciate their dedication and that they take it as personally as I do.

A business-owner friend of mine recently said (a paraphrase), "No one takes a business as seriously as an owner does." Not that 66 Books is a business (more like a ministry, but you get the idea)--I have to say that I lucked out in finding fellow travelers who approach the blog and study with the same hope and vision as me. I'm a lucky girl. **sigh**

But enough about that. Tonight I got the artwork for the banner and badge. The choices were so good, it was hard to choose. And the more I thought about it, the harder the choice became. So I decided to preview the banners in the blog itself--however, in doing so, I deleted the photo I originally uploaded in 2008 when the blog was in planning. Not even a formal goodbye.

Oh well.

Grab your Bible and read along. Coffee's on.

Check out the cutie badge on the side bar.

1 comment:

Amy in Peru said...

I like it. Very nice. Funny how the wisps of steam seem to curl up into two 6s...


Amy in Peru