Monday, January 18, 2010

One thousand gifts (376-396)

376. Warmer weather.
377. A good hair cut.
378. People who make me laugh.
379. Safety.
380. Play dates.
381. Stillness.
382. Tippy toes prancing on the kitchen floor and skipping through the house.
384. Compassion and alpha dogs.
385. Surprise visits from friends.
386. Chats over coffee.
387. Candle light on the mantel.
388. Being a fly on the wall during piano lessons--nearly lulled me to sleep, so lovely.
389. Night walks under the stars.
390. A new day.
391. Milder weather and playing outside.
392. Her hand on my mouth for boo-boo kisses.
393. Cuddles.
394. Rainy days.
395. Hot tea.
396. Playing games.

Still part of the gratitude community over at A holy experience.

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