Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tea cup

We had a fun morning at a birthday party. It was held at a nearby attractions park. Since it's winter, all the outdoor fun things were off limits, but the inside was fair game. After pizza and cake, the kiddos bolted through the party doors into the playing area.

First stop was some kind of jungle gym maze with climbing platforms, tube slides and lots of other things I couldn't see. Erin was too afraid to go up very high, even when I tried going up with her. Lanie was fearless and climbed around like a monkey for a very long time. She loved it.

Further into the complex were video games and other novelties. But in the very back was a tea cup ride. My girls looked wistfully at it, but there was no attendant available. In minutes, someone showed up and the ride was on.

Erin, Lanie and another little girl enjoyed the long ride (we even got a second turn without having to pay the extra points--sweet). I signed to Lanie, "Say thank you!" to the attendant. She did. We had fun doing some NASCAR racing on the machines and then Shane took Lanie off and I went another direction with Erin ... back to the tea cups.

She got on by herself. And as the ride turned around the pretty teapot center, I watched her face glow in the colorful lights, a smile full of happiness and a 3-year-old's contemplation. I love these moments when time slows down, and my heart swells and my eyes sting.

"Thank you, God," I whispered. Spinning and spinning, her hair lifting in the turns. I was so in love. This moment, abundant life.

After the ride, she climbed down and came over to me to hug my legs.

"You're such a big girl!" I exclaimed and hugged her back. I didn't want to let go.

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REG said...

I still remember the expression on my daughter's face on her first ride. She'll be 22 in two weeks.