Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter picnic

The temps seemed so mild lately that I thought having a picnic outside with the girls would be fun. I told Lanie about the idea last night, and this morning she said she barely slept because she was so excited about it.

Blanket, basket, cloth napkins, sandwiches, juice, chips, fruit and veggies. Oh, and cookies. Lanie went outside to select the picnic spot. But she came back in after a few minutes, "It's windy and cold!"

So we changed into heavier coats and went out anyway. Blanket on the patio. Sandwiches in hands. Potato chips, crunched.

"Look at the birds, Mama!" Lanie exclaimed. I grabbed my camera and snapped away at the birds, like a shaken sheet in a spring breeze. Only in winter.

We agreed that dining outside was a lot of fun and have decided to make Tuesdays an official picnic day. Even in winter.

Below: picnic feast; Erin in picnic attire: warm hat, mismatched mittens, winter coat, and tutu.

Lanie at the playset; this morning's sunrise.


REG said...

looked like fun

Beckie said...

Beautiful pictures, as usual. = )

Amy in Peru said...

yay! this is fun.

I and my daughter LOVE her sparkle shoes ;)

Amy in Peru

Lisa said...

Haven't the sunrises been spectacular lately?