Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be mine

I woke up earlier than the bunch. I listened for little footsteps on the stairs. Lanie joined me soon.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" she said, and handed me a card she had made. "I did it all by myself and hid it in a secret place!"

After hugs and kisses, I gave her a card and a chocolate gift box. She was so excited. She looked forward to this morning all night.

Shane carried Erin down the steps and I handed Erin her Valentine and chocolate box. She asked if she could have a chocolate now.

"How about after lunch?" I suggested. She said ok.

"Can we do this tomorrow?" Erin asked. Daily gifts of love. She curled up into my lap and I rocked her close. "You can have one of my chocolates. I'm eat the rest!"

Heart banner across the mantle that Lanie sewed for me the other day. Sweet heart wreaths on the fridge. A basket of chocolate heart cookies tied up with red and pink ribbons for later delivery to friends.

Treats from friends.

Valentines for friends at school.

"Is Jenny from the name Jennifer?" Lanie asked. I nodded.

"Can you spell it? How many letters does it have?" she asked. I spelled it and her fingers popped up one by one.

"Eight. Just like yours!" And it feels like love, when she knows me by name, down to the number.

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Amy in Peru said...

yay. sweet. love the moment. :)