Saturday, February 6, 2010

French toast and coffee

For what it's worth: French toast is a nice thing to wake up to on a snowy morning. Along with hot coffee. Glad I made the egg and coffee run yesterday. One store was stripped bare of all vegetables, fruit, milk and eggs. Another store looked like panic wasn't even on the radar: shelves brimming and more eggs than I've ever seen. We lucked out.

Still, with all this snow, it's a bit daunting. Drifts as high as my chest. Digging out heat pumps, satellite dish, clearing away hoses for drainage and sump pump: all of that surrounded by thigh-high snow. It's still coming down hard.

Shane spent a good two hours trying to shovel some of our driveway. We aren't even halfway done. We have a tractor with a plow, but this stuff is too deep to even think of plowing it. I almost wonder what's the point ... even if we could get to the bottom of the driveway, the roads are untouched. I'd be shocked if we even see a truck back here by Monday.

We took a picture to send to his brother who is cruising the Caribbean. Lucky dog.

Our biggest worry is losing power. At least it's not summer and we have to find ways to keep foods cold (all we have to do is toss the stuff outside in the snow). But we would lose heat and water. I filled two tubs with water so that we can fill toilets if the power goes out. And I'm glad our fireplace is gas, so we can huddle there at night if we do lose it.

I wonder how long we'll be looking at this stuff before it finally melts. April?

Enjoying all the amenities fueled by electricity while we have it--and looking forward to several snowy days of board games, pictures, cuddles and books.


Karen said...

I am stressing about losing power as well. For lunch, we had steaks and mashed if the power goes out before dinner...we can eat cold sandwiches then.

I have bathtubs full of water as well and multiple pitchers in the kitchen.

I have the heat up a little higher than if the power goes will take longer for the house to get cold. Even though we have two types of heat, neither operate without electric.)

(Does this make me prepared or pessimistic?)

Courtney said...

I hope you don't lose power! I didn't think of turning up the heat ... that's a good idea.

I'm just so happy to see the snow has stopped and the sun is out. Shane says to me, "I win!" and I saw the had successfully made it to the end of the driveway, wide enough for one car. Still, the street is at least 2 ft deep. At least.

Amy in Peru said...

I know it probably sounds funny, but my husband REALLY wishes he could trade places for a couple weeks! He LOVES and misses the snow. Though I must say that you have a bit more than I'd feel comfortable with :)
Stay well, and joyful :)

Courtney said...

Thanks, Amy! It really is a rare treat to get so much ... a treat especially when power stays on!