Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy to be

Our patio; Lanie on one of the many snow mountains; pajama day and board games.

Our tractor; sisters coloring; icicle.

The snow stopped and the sun broke through. Not only that, but the plow brigade cleared our streets that night. Amazing. The kids were eager to go out and play; I was glad to get out and mingle with a neighbor and help dig her out.

Seems, however, that I somehow got stuck in an emotional undertow this weekend. Tears free flowing. Tender hearted. During the first fifteen minutes of watching Up, I was totally undone. Thank you God, for sending me a friend who showed up on my doorstep bearing vanilla, goody bags for my girls and a plate of chocolate chip blondies. I ate three of them nearly instantly.

We made it through the blizzard with power and plenty. The kids, happy-happy for snow bigger than them. My arms, upper back and shoulders grateful for the workout. Gearing up for Tuesday's storm with a projected additional 12 inches. Who needs a gym membership with all this great, free exercise? Though I suppose the blondies and hot chocolate counteract the work ...

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Karen said...

We still have plenty of food (but not there wasn't any monkey bread.) We managed to dig out to the road. Now, I just need to pray for safety for Bob and the guys as they try to work tomorrow!

Note to self...we don't need milk, bread or toilet paper...but we do need butter!

Bob made chocolate peanut butter fudge! I totally counteracted any calories burned shoveling! If there is any left when we get free...I'll bring you some!