Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it Easter?

With headaches growing in intensity and me without a remedy, I decided to see if chocolate, or lack of, was the cause. I had a Snickers bar in the freezer that wasn't packed up in the purge. I took out a mallet and hammered it into pieces. I snacked on one piece, then another. Before I know it, I'm hiding out in the laundry room with a chunk of frozen candy, gnawing on it while talking on the phone.

Tap, tap.

Nuh uh
! It was Lanie. Tapping on my shoulder. Me: caught red-handed with junk. Busted. Would she understand that this was an experiment strictly for medicinal purposes?

I was about to tell her it had peanuts in it, which already made it a healthier choice ... but she's seven and smart and would totally see through it.

"I suppose you want a treat, too?" I asked. She beamed. "Go ahead and get a treat from your Valentine's bag. Tell Erin." Rejoicing.

"Erin, want a piece of candy?!" Lanie yelled.

Erin comes tearing around the corner.

"Is it Easter?!" she yelled. Non-stop, excited jumping. Looked like I had some explaining to do.

When Shane came home, I was ready to fess up. I started to tell him when Lanie interrupted and spilled the whole story. She, however, left out medicinal purposes and screaming headache. She was gleeful in her victory as a super sleuth. I believe it's a developmental stage of six- and seven-year-olds who have to lurk around corners with notions of solving great mysteries.

For what it's worth, a frozen Snickers and two Tylenol did work wonders for my headache. Sadly, the headaches returned the next day. And the next. Shane suggested I try chocolate therapy without the Tylenol to see if it truly is chocolate related, as Tylenol alone is no longer a help. So after a solo trip to the scrapbook store, I stopped by a local grocery store and got a buy-one-get-one-free bag of M&Ms. Think snack size, not economy. I sat in my car in the parking lot, with sunglasses on, listening to a David Crowder Band CD in my car, and ate half a bag.

Wondering if it worked? And what did I do with the remaining bag and a half of M&Ms? Did Lanie find me out again? All good questions.


6intow said...

I don't know which would be worse, chocolate related or not. Praying you feel better soon and the headache leaves you alone.

Kids make great accountability partners, don't they? ;)

Courtney said...

LOL. Yes they do! And great detectives. Thanks for the prayers, Erin!

Amy in Peru said...

this is SO funny to me... just having snuck (that is not a word) chocolate bar from the freezer. What, me share?! oh.

well. I am properly convicted.
even though I wasn't actually caught. I did share a square with my eldest before he even saw me, but I ate the other 5!

amy in peru