Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I feel so dragged down by the non-stop sweets occasions that come our way starting at Halloween and ending at Easter. I just don't feel like I catch a break from it. This especially after baking many dozens of chocolate heart cookies for Valentines day. I think I ate at least a dozen on my own over the course of the weekend. (In my defense, they were small cookies.)

"I would really like to cut back on so much junk," I told Shane. He agreed. This is the guy who exercises frequently and eats pretty healthy. There have been nights I come downstairs from tucking the kids in and he's snacking on grapes or carrots. Of course, there are also nights I come down and smell Oreos on his breath or catch him mid-spoon in ice cream. So, he's not perfect.

Lanie surprised me by saying she would join me on cutting back on junk. Erin was also up for the challenge, but we really don't think she understands what's at stake. This is the kid who informed us tonight that her two favorite foods are pasta and fruit snacks.

I went through our pantry and boxed up every fruit snack, unopened chip bag, candy, hot chocolate mix and junk cereal I found. All my baking chips ... packed up. Gone away are the junk snacks, sugary breakfast cereals, Ritz crackers and neon yogurts. In fact, my grocery list was cut by a quarter when I crossed off junk and things that create junk, like: chocolate chips and vanilla. If I'm not making cookies, I certainly don't need these things. During today's shopping trip, I stocked up on healthier alternatives. Ok, and gum.

We are giving our bodies a break until Easter--because you can't deprive a kid of a good Easter egg hunt and jelly beans.

While I'm looking forward to cutting out the junk, I have to say I already feel the headache working its way in to my tomorrow. Fortunately, I have the support of my family and we're in this together. Even if Shane does consider me the weak link.


jodie said...

Where is all the boxed up stuff going? I work at a food pantry if you need a home for it.

Lisa said...

Gum is a good go-to for me when I am trying to avoid snacking. Good luck - you'll do great.

Amy in Peru said...

you'll do great! headaches and all! ;) I always fill myself with water... it's healthy and makes me not feel as hungry all the time.

of course that's easier to do when you're living in 90* weather ;)

Drink lots of hot tea... without sugar :)