Monday, February 1, 2010

One thousand gifts (434-452)

434. Sisters saying I love you to each other.
435. Chocolate coconut pudding and the smiles it brought to little faces.
436. Scoring tickets to Disney on Ice.
437. Indoor picnics.
438. Reading books to an attentive audience.
439. Bingo around the kitchen table.
440. Horses wearing coats.
441. Treadmill on cold days.
442. A VCR that still works to play nearly 15-yr-old ab video.
443. Fresh bread, hot from the oven.
444. Making new friends.
445. Promises kept.
446. Snowy day, kids at play, hot chocolate and marshmallows.
447. Finally getting to sleep when my back went out again.
448. Lanie's repeated prayers that my back would stop hurting.
449. My back stopped hurting.
450. Afternoon cat naps.
451. Leftovers.
452. Full moon.


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