Monday, February 8, 2010

One thousand gifts (453-473)

453. A good dental visit.
454. Car rides over hills that make tummies turn--and the squeals of kids who get surprised by it every time.
455. Geese flying north.
456. Rich hot chocolate.
457. A bag of library books.
458. Pink fleece jammies for a 3 year old.
459. Weekday parties and balloons.
460. Princesses at Purim.
461. Purple glitter nail polish for little girls.
462. Easy bedtimes.
463. Tums.
464. Coffee and eggs.
465. A house, heat, electricity, food. All the time, but especially this weekend.
466. A plow came back into our neighborhood and cleared roads. Amazing.
467. A full refund on Disney on Ice tickets.
468. Board games.
469. Sunshine.
470. Brie and crackers.
471. Kids walking on top of snow mounds.
472. Vanilla and blondies.
473. Getting to the end of the driveway. Shane yells, "I win!"

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Amy in Peru said...

yay. thanks for the reminder, I was about to post something else, but I'd been waiting to post this on a monday! ;)