Monday, February 15, 2010

One thousand gifts (474-500)

474. Really good chocolate chip, white chip cookies.
475. Grocery runs for milk.
476. Impromptu play dates.
477. Handmade cards.
478. Valentines in the mail.
479. Heart banners.
480. Chocolate cookies and special deliveries.
481. A birthday party for a sweet 6 year old.
482. More wiggly teeth.
483. Help shoveling the driveway.
484. Plenty.
485. Lots of books to read.
486. Goodnight kisses.
487. Being an influencer.
488. Snow plows.
489. Phone calls.
490. Home.
491. Wine with friends. And little bunny cheese crackers.
492. Hand lotion.
493. The community over at 66 Books.
494. Clean clothes.
495. Really hot salsa and chips.
496. Heated car seats.
497. Afternoon walk in winter with the girls, delivering Valentines.
498. Love.
499. Hope.
500. Peace. However elusive, I am determined to find it.

1 comment:

Amy in Peru said...

yay! even though I am in the total opposite climate, I can still appreciate the things on your list vicariously ;) and I too am very thankful for many of the same things. thanks for sharing. it is SO helpful to practice gratitude!

Amy in Peru