Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Blizzard two began this afternoon. I took the girls out this morning for hair cuts, a quick grocery stop for canola oil (banana chocolate chip bread baked and in the freezer) and diapers, a stop at the drug store for cheap nail polish and lunch with friends at Panera.

I was distracted at lunch with this rushy feeling that I had places to be, when I didn't, things to do, when I don't, and just a general sense of "I shouldn't be sitting here eating this lovely apple and chicken salad when we're about to get about two more feet of snow!" Yeah, I'm a fun date.

We got home and I painted fingers and toes in purple and glitter nail polishes. Baked goodies. Organized my office. Cleaned toilets, did three loads of laundry and vacuumed. Then it snowed. I shoveled twice just to try to keep up with it.

My man surprised us all by coming home for dinner. The kids were thrilled. Erin put on a tiara and busted a few moves for us. Lanie joined her--very creative-dancelike. They did lots of spins and poses and sweet smiles. After every dramatic flare, Erin would command, "Crap!"

Which is three-speak for clap. And we clapped.

"Why aren't we filming this?" Shane asked. I smiled and nodded in agreement ... it's because I didn't charge the battery in the camcorder.

Looking forward to whatever this storm brings, thoughts of being joyous and thankful regardless if power stays on, and looking forward to experimenting with a recipe for snow ice cream.


jodie said...

HA! I'm eating snow cream while reading this! The word is don't use a recipe with eggs in it...they get lumpy, hard and congealed. Yuck. I used splenda which left that wonderful after taste so go for the real thing.
Why was it a surprise that Shane came home for dinner? Has he been working late?
Soooo luv the "crap." You MUST get that on video. That's perfect wedding footage.

Courtney said...

He wasn't planning on coming home last night b/c he had to stay at work to keep the snow off the roof. But since it wasn't that bad yet (well, bad enough for me!), he came home for dinner and then went back.

Fun idea about wedding footage!