Thursday, February 25, 2010


Monday's post seems so long ago. I feel like I should have something to say, but with a headache that's been gaining on me since last week, I find the simplest thoughts are all I can tolerate. And pictures of random this week. As a matter of fact, I did take a picture of my lunch. Even now I'm wondering why.

More randomness:

I think it's totally cheating to have a soup recipe that calls for a can of soup in it. I did make some chicken soup yesterday--without the can of soup. Found a link to a place that listed several recipes. Yum. Very good with bear biscuits.

After cleaning out pantry, I then went through my closet and linen closets and purged many things. About five bags full of things. However, I still am unable to part with girls' baby clothes.

Decided to catch up on scrapbooking, am officially two and a half years behind, and dug out everything I intended to use. It is now an unsightly mess on the office floor. Many dollars later, I emerged from the scrapbook store with two new binders and page protectors. However, headache prevents me from really hunkering down.

Have been surprisingly happy during chocolate ban. Was officially over cravings by Monday. Thank God for coffee! Oh, and mango salsa. And quite possibly thankful for headaches that keep me distracted from missing chocolate.

Lanie reading out loud; bag of library books; Explode the Code.

Bear biscuit preparation. Erin playing school.

Healthy salad for lunch with mango salsa; flowers on the table--key word: random; Erin.

Still wondering about that lunch shot. And hoping to have something coherent to say tomorrow on 66 Books.


Jonathan said...

I understand the lunch shot. It's so pretty! I took a picture of the chicken/broccoli ring I made for supper the other night.

- Beckie

Jonathan said...

ps...feel better soon!

Amy in Peru said...

I'm sorry about your headache. really. I get them bad sometimes too.

I really like this post. it's real.
and I'm glad :)

I hope that you feel better soon. I LOVE your pictures :)

amy in peru