Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter storm checklist

I did our weekly shop on Tuesday and the grocery store parking lot was surprisingly full at 10 a.m. I just got our regular things and headed home. I knew of a snow storm heading this way and I figured we'd be in good shape ... the world is usually back to normal the next day. Then I start hearing things like, "biggest snow storm ever" and "super bowl" all in the same weekend. Add to that word of a storm following this big one next week. That would leave us one or two days between shoveling to go back out ... us and the rest of the region. Should be interesting.

The indulgent side of me wonders if I should run out for some hazelnut coffee and eggs. Really thinking that French toast is a nice treat to wake up to on a snowy morning. With a good cup of hot coffee.

Weekend reading: three books on humility, a story about missionaries, the one by the Duggars, and a bag full of kids books for the girls.

Let it snow.


jodie said...

Doing laundry so I can pack tomorrow and head to the Fullens to be snowbound. Checklist: Wii, books, taxes, snowclothes.

REG said...

As long as I have my kindle I'm a happy camper.