Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Erin wrestles with eternity

Lanie read John 8 as part of her Bible time and reading exercise today. The topic of death comes up; Erin and Lanie then start to have a discussion about it.

Erin listed the things you can no longer do once you die: listen to music, play with friends, rest on the couch, do school with Mommy, eat, or sit on that "thingy" (the lounger in the school room).

After a few minutes of quiet as she played, she continued, "Or go in a tent. Or color. Or close the curtains. Or swing."

Silence. Then, "Or make stuff. Or sleep in bed. Or do some glue (crafts). Or play games. Or have fresh air. Or read books. Or talk, write or see Kaelyn and Becca. You cannot do anything if you get dead."

Lanie goes on to tell Erin that she'll die one day. Everyone will. Erin sings along with background music, her Veggietales CD, "In my bed so quietly, I rest in knowing God loves me." I felt tears. My own.

Erin picked back up, "Or pet cats, Mom. Or swim in a pool."

I decide to intervene and mention all the good things about heaven: how we'll all be there; there is music and singing and happiness and all kinds of good things.

And she surprised me with this, "Are you going to get chocolate in heaven? Maybe we can drive and get some."

My mini me.

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REG said...

That would be my definition of heaven. Unlimited chocolate.