Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friendship garden

I'm such a sap, really. I'm getting the garden bed ready for this year's crop. I enjoyed gardening so much last year that I want to put up a second bed and do even more this time around. I have absolutely no gardening background. In fact, I killed off all the seedlings I started last year nearly moments after they sprouted. With the exception of lettuces, I plan on getting all plants established.

I was looking at the garden bed after the massive snow had melted off, and was surprised to see that some plants were coming back. One was the sage I hardly used last year because a tomato plant had practically grown over it. The other was an oregano plant my friend Betty Lou had given me from her garden. So special that she was just over the other day to spend time with me and the kids. At the garden, she told me about her experience growing oregano and I felt so very lucky that plant had survived.

Another friend stopped by Saturday with massive amounts of thyme from her garden. I shared some with two other friends and still had a hefty chunk to plant in mine. It was so fragrant and healthy, and best of all, given by someone I am lucky to know.

Today, during an impromptu playdate, one of the women I had given some thyme to shared some rosemary from her garden. I'm such a sap, but when I look out my kitchen window at this garden bed, I won't be seeing just a bunch of herbs--it's so much more meaningful to think of these people and their gifts of friendship in my life. A daily reminder of how lucky I am.

Counting blessings.

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