Friday, March 12, 2010

Going on twenty

When I pack Shane's lunch, I put his sandwich in the fridge and leave the lunch bag out on the counter with a lunch-size bag of chips and a piece of fruit. It's his job to remember to grab the sandwich and take it with him in the morning. Lately, he has forgotten to do this, taking only fruit and chips.

I hate making the call in the morning to tell him he has forgotten it because I know how it bugs him to have to go out and get something to eat. Today, when I saw his sandwich in the fridge, I sent him an email. (Honestly, there was a part of me that wanted to take a picture of the inside of the fridge and have him look for the item that didn't belong. And then another shot of me taking a mock bite out of his sandwich. We play like that.)

When he came home tonight, he said to me, "What was up with your email today?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

It read:

Subject: 4real?

Dude. You totally left your sandwich in the fridge this morning. I'm so serious.

"It was like a twenty-year-old wrote it," he said. "What, did you forget you're forty?"

That was a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Shane know?? For today's women, forty is the new twenty!


Courtney said...

That's a good one, Pete. I like it.

jodie said...

What a great compliment! Wish someone had told me today that I sounded like twenty.