Monday, March 1, 2010

One thousand gifts (512-522)

512. For knowing Chuck Sr., who passed away on Feb. 26 from emphysema. A very dear man, nearly 80, who loved his wife and family deeply. Thankful for tears over a man who was gentle, friendly and kind. That he loved so well during his life and was loved back.
513. Snickers bar in the freezer and Tylenol.
514. Some time to get my scrapbooking together. Two and a half years behind, but making progress.
515. March. Beginning a Saturday morning study at Panera over coffee. And Sunday bike rides.
516. My bike. I bought it fifteen or so years ago, and it was cheap and it creaks and groans, but I put a lot of good miles on it. Hoping to add more this year.
517. M&Ms, sunglasses and David Crowder.
518. Good drinking water.
519. Farmland.
520. Snow flurries, hazelnut coffee and a piano serenade on a Sunday morning.
521. Winning! Looking forward to it, Amy! So very kind of you to do a giveaway.
522. Glimpses of grass under snow.

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