Monday, March 8, 2010

One thousand gifts (523-538)

523. A break from headaches.
524. Chocolate snacks from a playdate friend.
525. Girls morning out at Panera on Saturday. Weekly book club.
526. Walking around the lake with the family on Sunday. Lanie scootered the whole way: 2 1/2 miles!
527. A fun dinner out, sitting next to my big girl, sharing a Mile-high Mud Pie in celebration for her great attitude and progress in school.
528. Geese in snow.
529. Bottles of cold water.
530. A parking space near the trail when it seemed the whole county showed up to enjoy milder temps.
531. A dedicated group writing on 66 Books.
532. Buds on trees.
533. Melting snow.
534. Easter goods in the stores.
535. Excitement for spring.
536. Nutella.
537. A friend who calls to see if we're ok.
538. Being ok.

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