Monday, March 15, 2010

One thousand gifts (539-556)

539. Seeing hopscotch squares from a child's perspective.
540. GMO (girls morning out) with friends at Panera.
541. Getting to sleep in on Sunday from springing forward, thanks to my Good Guy hanging out with the kiddos.
542. Good nights of sleep.
543. Milder temperatures.
544. Lettuce seeds for planting.
545. Lanie's lists of thanks. Her journal is filling fast with her daily thanks, love notes and pictures. What a keepsake.
546. Lanie's sweet lisp while missing two front teeth.
547. A quiet GNO (girls night out) with friends while kids slept. Great company (and delicious food).
548. Return of oregano and sage in my garden.
549. Lanie's daily piano practicing.
550. Legos.
551. Leftovers.
552. Love of two sisters for each other, Lanie and Erin. (Lanie, generously giving to Erin from a birthday party goody bag; Erin selecting her church craft just for Lanie; the imaginative play between them.)
553. Home.
554. Books to read.
555. Singing with my kids.
556. Good coffee.

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REG said...

I love legos. Is it okay to say that when you're over fifty?