Monday, March 22, 2010

One thousand gifts (557-581)

557. A good hair cut.
558. Chalk drawings.
559. Juicy, ripe mangoes.
560. Bright nail polish and a manicure.
561. Cashews.
562. Clean water.
563. Neighborhood walk with a friend.
564. Blue skies.
565. Birthday parties.
566. Running.
567. Friends.
568. Spring weather.
569. Lanie's thankful day of 22 things.
570. A squirrel in our yard. The first time ever.
571. Turning on the moon and lighting the stars. A goodnight story to Erin about all the things a mommy has to do before going to bed. And thankful for the smile it brought to her face.
572. The last sweet sip in a cup of coffee.
573. Friends who stop by just because.
574. Thyme for my garden.
575. And rosemary.
576. Impromptu dinner with guests. And the firepit roasted marshmallows afterward.
577. Lisa.
578. Chrisi.
579. Christy.
580. Reggie.
581. Beckie.


Jonathan said...

You can have some of our squirrels...we have more than enough to share.

= )

- Beckie

Courtney said...