Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring fever

It has been lovely outside these past few days. I am so glad to have left behind some to-do's in order to enjoy easing into spring. Plenty of sidewalk chalk, scootering, swinging, taking walks. Enjoying bird song and breezes. Anticipating iced tea and flip flops.

Yesterday, Lanie invented a game of tag where I get to chase the kids and when I catch them, "lock them up" in the playset, whereby they escape down the slide and I get to chase them again. They loved this. I did too. Lanie is a bullet, but slowed down a couple of times to let me catch her. Great interval training. Who needs a gym! Lanie says she's in training for the co-op's field day race.

Today they wanted to do it all over again. This time, Lanie didn't slow down and I was not about to lose face in front of a potential audience of weekenders. So I kicked it up a level and I caught her. I really feel it in my thighs. What a workout!


Jonathan said...

Hannah "practices" all year for the field day foot race at school too. With those long legs, you'd think she'd be the winner every year...but it has yet to happen.
- Beckie

Courtney said...

We'll have to do a training day.