Monday, July 12, 2010

One thousand gifts (847-877)


An achy back that went away.
A sunny day road trip up the coast.
A wedding day.
A little girl who gave away a silly band to her brother the morning of his wedding day.
And the brother who wore the band while he said his vows.

Chicken fingers children's dinners. 
Safe travels.
A cozy inn, a bedroom fireplace, and the faded scent of wood smoke.

Musicians in Boston Commons who carry around child-size violins--the kind man who shared his love of music with Lanie.
Candlelight on tables.

A baby kitten.
Foam Pit

Summer showers and storefront awnings.
Brick walkways through city streets.
Sprinkles on donuts.
The friendly redhead who made my frappuccino.
Backseat car-ride naps.

Oh yeah, and Panera on the back roads home.
The smell of home.
A clean kitchen.
A card game with the kiddos.
Dusky bedtime cuddles.

Swan Pond

Big pizza

Lakes scattered along the highway.

Displays of honor

Family trees


Privilege seating

Thank you, God.


Beckie said...

Looks like a marvelous trip! I'm so glad that you had safe travels and a wonderful time full of joy-filled memories.

Courtney said...

Thanks, Beckie! Boston is a great city for families--especially in the summer.