Monday, July 26, 2010

One thousand gifts (892-904)

892. A white flowering Crepe Myrtle.
893. Restless Lanie and a moonlit walk hand in hand.
894. Night sounds.
895. Deep sleep.
896. Watching Erin jump, jump, jump and move, move, move at Vacation Bible School this week.
897. Fingerprints to wipe off walls ... sort of wishing I could leave them there.
898.Walking wounded.
899. Gabriel.

900. Shane--and how he went looking for Gabriel to bring him home for dinner.
901. An evening meal with a lovely family from the co-op.
902. A painted office.
903. A nearly cleared calendar for the week to get our attitudes readjusted and routines reestablished.
904. Worship in the last row, on a crowded Sunday morning.

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