Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strong, silent type

Shane's been working overtime around the house. He recently finished adding trim around the windows. Today he painted my office a color called Toasted Marshmallow, which looks nothing like it sounds. As he put the furniture back, he stubbed his big toe on the desk. I saw him sitting on a chair in the kitchen.

"You done?" I asked.

"I stubbed my toe," he said. I made a wince face. "It bent the toenail back half way down. It's bleeding."

He never made a sound. If it had been me, you'd have heard it!

Office freshly painted and windows trimmed.


Karen said...

I am physically in pain just hearing about it!

Courtney said...

I had the same reaction. I don't do well with other people's injuries. It was a while before I would even look at his foot. Lanie was interested right away, but Erin ran away from him saying, "Don't touch me with it!" LOL.

Christine said...

A stubbed toe BLEEDING? You would have heard it AT YOUR HOUSE if it had been me! Ouch!