Friday, July 23, 2010

Week end

Finishing up the last day of VBS with the kids. Erin was a scene stealer at last night's family performance--even jumping out of her seat out of turn to dance and sing with an older group of kids on the stage area. Jump, jump, jump; move, move, move! She had a blast this year.

I thought I'd have a lot more to show for myself for having gained several extra hours of mom time this week while the kids were away. So far, I haven't touched any of the yard sale stuff for next weekend's sale (yeah, finally picked a date!). But I did get in some reading and tidying and talking.

And writing. Over at 66 Books today. 

As for Super Surprise Friday, I've had to put that on hold. Our days really have had some form of excitement or fun involved--and sometimes too much of a good thing doesn't cultivate a thankful heart.
This weekend, painting, cleaning, dinner hosting and a birthday party.

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