Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog names

We visited a friend this weekend who has four big dogs. The girls loved it. We've been considering, perhaps, getting a dog depending on where we move. Tonight, we were brainstorming dog names.

I suggested Keurig, after my coffee pot. Why not?

Lanie rattled off a whole bunch of names: Vanilla, Butterscotch, Chocolate.

"I don't know about naming a dog after food," I said. Coffeemaker, yes. Food, no.

Erin suggested some names from her favorite My Little Ponies: Pinkie Pie and Toola Roola.

Toola Roola didn't seem very protective.

"You could name it 'Go Away Dog'," Erin suggested. And we all laughed. Maybe we ought to wait till the kids are just a bit older. Somehow, I think we're still going to get a Muffin or a Sweetie Bell.

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