Monday, August 2, 2010

One thousand gifts (905-920)

905. Potty training, restarted and officially finished.
906. Erin's excitement to wear panties.
907. Kids swinging belly down on the playset.
908. Erin and Lanie, best friends.
909. Lanie in my arms for kisses and tickles and eating her up--watching her heart burst with fullness.
910. Exuberant, rapid-fire kisses from a cuddlebug.
911. A roll of toilet paper.
912. A week of nearly nothing.
913. Library trips.
914. Abundant life.
915. Mature trees.
916. Exploring rooms of an old house and its scent that lingered in my hair long afterwards.
917. Finding my sweet spot in life.
918. Overgrown pathways to a gate.
919. Sunny sunflower with petals pulled back by breeze.
920. Today.


Anonymous said...

#917 - You have? Lucky you! I am still searching...


Courtney said...

I am lucky. Keep looking, Pete. You'll find it!

Marshall's Mommy said...

Congrats on the potty training! I am envious! Changing diapers on 2 is KILLING me. We must eat a LOT of fiber or something. Or maybe it's genetic and they take after their father...

Beckie said...

Yeah Erin!