Monday, August 23, 2010

One thousand gifts (943-954)

943. An offer on the house, first day, sight unseen. We didn't take it because it was below our personal low, but still, it was a good feeling momentarily. And even more so when their agent contacted a few days later to persist.
944. A painted laundry room.
945. Rainy, rainy days and green grass.
946. Homemade garden salsa from a neighboring friend.
947. Friendships that hurt over the thought of goodbyes.
948. Folded laundry, put away.
949. Card games with the kiddos.
950. Being past the busy to enjoy my family.
951. God's faithfulness and the peace I feel when I remember it.
952. Jelly making with Marshall's mom.
953. Coffee with milk and sugar.
954. Friends who pray.

1 comment:

Amy in Peru said...

coffee with milk and sugar,
friends who pray...

yes and YES.


amy in peru