Sunday, August 8, 2010


A high chair
changing pad
purple fabric for something I had planned to make ten years ago
the ugly brass sconces with creepy pointy, pokey ends
the coffee table Shane bought back in his bachelor days (I was so relieved to see that go!)
kids clothes
and a coffee pot. I pocketed $2 on it (I priced things to GO). Shane said, "You sold my coffee pot?" "We have one already." "But that was back up!" Oops. Perhaps a little over zealous.

A doll house
zippie bags with miscellaneous toys
hair color kits
storage bags.

I have no idea whatever other things went. It was a good yard sale. A dear friend arrived the day before and stayed the night to help set up ... neighbor kids who played and laughed and sang songs ... great weather and lots of traffic.

I wish I had spent more time getting things ready for it. Already, just a weekend later, my legs are sore from lugging things no longer used or needed up the stairs. It feels really good to purge. And I can't believe we had so much stuff.


firefly said...

I LOVE having yard sales. I love to go through each room and find all the little things hiding in corners that havent been used in a year or so, then selling it, hopefully to someone who will appreciate it as much as I did when I first got it. :) Glad to hear your sale went well!!

Courtney said...

Thanks. I really liked having the sale. I suspect we will do one more ruthless round shortly. We are really trying to lighten up around here.