Monday, August 30, 2010

Sound bites

Got a phone call one evening at dinner. I answered and it was the local library explaining that Erin had been entered into a drawing and won. We could swing by to pick up her prize. I explained what happened to the girls--Erin, surprised beyond imagination ... and Lanie, puzzled.

"Where's the picture?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I responded.

"The picture. You said Erin's in a picture."

"She was in a drawing!" Smiling. I had some explaining to do.


Playing ponies with Erin. Ponies either have parties or yard sales or move. Ponies played that day before a party. My ponies shared a toy with Erin's ponies.

"Thanks," Erin said on behalf of her ponies.

"Aww, sure! What are friends for?" my ponies replied.

Without missing a beat, she said, "Love."


During lunch prep, the kids were a buzzing huddle around Shane. My thoughts about getting food on plates so we are all seated at once. I decided to interrupt the commotion with a question I remembered off the back of the church bulletin insert. 

"Lanie, question for you: what is the most important thing that we want for you?"

Curious for her answer. Half expecting something a seven year old might say, like to be happy. I don't think I ever sat down to put in words exactly what that most important thing would be. This is what makes me a terrible public speaker, and never one for being put on the spot. Any words from this brain require a good measure of thought, including drafts and revisions. Shane and I waited for her to speak.

"To believe in God and love him," she said.

A bursting joy in my heart.


Lanie comes into my office waving a piece of paper, brightly colored.

"Here's a Keep Out sign if you ever need one!" she announced. It read:

Keep Out! 



REG said...

This morning I went to YICA and this was the first thing I found to read. How delightful.

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