Sunday, August 22, 2010


This summer seemed to fly by. Our family seemed to splinter in the distraction of getting a house on the market. Shane had evenings and weekends taking care of house and yard things. I was consumed with cleaning and decluttering. Our minds contemplative of future and thoughts of moving and homes and waiting and searching. At times it was stressful. At times, the stress showed. Shane took off Friday to paint our laundry room. It looks lovely.

"Why didn't we do this five years ago?" I wondered.

He filled bare patches in the lawn. Cut grass. Removed weeds. Sweated, unshaven, fixated on finishing. Saturday morning we all scooted out for a morning showing. Upon our return, Shane thought of a million other little things he could be doing and wondered out loud, "It would be nice to take a day off."

And so he did. This lazy Sunday, overcast and rain showers, the four of us lounging ... lunches ... card games ... group hugs ... Erin asked me what the buttons on the phone meant, and I explained each one's function. We both discovered the intercom button, and I called her on the phone from another room. Brownies out of the oven and onto plates with whipped cream. Shane called Erin.

She clicked the talk button and waited. He talked to her, "Who is this?"


"What church do you go to?"

"The same one as you," her sweet reply.

Erin and Lanie talking on the phone to each other.

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