Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The thought that counts

Last week I made black bean soup and corn bread for dinner. A last-minute meal since I hadn't planned the week's menus very well and was raiding the pantry. It had been months since I made black bean soup, so the change would be nice.

I start making the soup: garlic, onions, carrots, stock, seasoning and then beans. Let it simmer till the carrots are soft. Then blend with my trusty immersion blender.

I pulled it out, plugged it in, and the motor whirred, but the blade didn't. I tried again. And again. Unplugged it and tried again. High. Low.


I brought out my banana bread masher. But it didn't do much good with beans. And then a different masher, which mashed a little, but not the effect I was going for.

"Bummer," I said out loud. "My immersion blender is broken."

Erin walked up to me and put her hand on my arm.

"Mommy!" she exclaimed. "I will get you a NEW one for your birthday! It will be the best gift ever!"

She reminded me today while we were in the grocery store that she would get me a new immersion blender for my birthday. And I thought how sweet to be three where things in the world are free, and all you have to do to have it is wish hard enough.


Courtney said...

Of course, at three, one wishes of cookies and popsicles and My Little Ponies. At forty, the wishes are more like mortgages, more babies, and peace.

Beckie said...

I use my regular blender to make the soup. I couldn't justify buying an immersion blender just to make the black bean soup when I had a regular blender just sitting there. It does make one more thing to wash in the sink, but tastes just as good. = )

Courtney said...

I loved the convenience of the immersion blender--especially since it didn't cost a thing ... a leftover from a former wife I think!