Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A certain age

Lanie is a punctual child. If lunch is generally around 11:30, she will remind me, "Mom, it's 11:33." Sometimes, she'll randomly tell me what time it is, as if we have some place to be, but we don't. For the past two weeks, she has happily greeted me with the countdown.

"Mom, it's fourteen more days to your birthday."
"Mom, it's six more days to your birthday."
"Mom, tomorrow is your birthday."

So glad for her enthusiasm and love of all things cake-and-ice-cream. At the doctor's office for a check up yesterday, he was confirming my birth date.

"Ahh, someone's got a birthday coming up," he said.

"Yes. And I'm still young enough to have another child, if you want to write a prescription for that."

He laughed.

Shane wanted a list of gift recommendations. So I made a list. My suggestions, in order:

1. A baby.
2. Pizza from Grotto Pizza in Delaware.
3. A book, recently recommended at Holy Experience.

Knowing Shane, I said, "You might want to get expedited shipping." But also knowing him, he won't pay any attention to the list.

I discovered once you become a certain age, conversation stops being about dinners and dancing (in your 20s), or even what cute things the kids are up to (in your 30s) ... no, at a certain age, talk turns to oddly practical things, like nasal rinses for colds. Seriously. In this past year since I turned forty, I have had at least five peers praise the benefits of Neti Pots and saline rinses. (Even today. Ha! Though I have to admit, when this last cold morphed into evil, I was sorry I didn't give it a try.) I asked a friend in her thirties if anyone ever told her about a Neti Pot. She said no.

"Wait till your forties," I said.

Looking forward to Lanie greeting me in the morning with, "Mom, it's your birthday!"(especially looking forward to that!), baking a cake, drinking mugs of hot coffee while being serenaded by drumming rain, cuddling with my Neti Pot (ok, just kidding), homeschooling the kids, and enjoying being happy to be.


Christine said...

Hasppy happy birthday to you! (If I was home with the boys, I'd have them sing it to you - it's too cute!) I hope you're enjoying the sound of drumming rain (there sure is a lot of it!) and that your cake is yummy!

Amy in Peru said...

HAPPY birthday! Your post is HILARIOUS... so what is the likelihood of getting your #1 request within a reasonable time...?


Courtney said...

Thanks, buddy! I love birthday songs by kids. When my girls sing to me, I always cry.

Amy: "With God, all things are possible." And I'm going to hold onto that!

Wish me luck. =)

Karen said...

So are you actually using the neti-pot??? I thought it grossed you out!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Courtney! I hope it was a good day for you, and that you get your #1 wish soon. Best of luck to you.


Courtney said...

Thanks, Pete. Me too. But for now, I'll have to settle with #3. He got me the book.


Lanie, however, wrapped up one of her dolls and gave it to me. I threatened Shane I might start carrying it around pretending it's real.

Nora said...

Happy Birthday, Courtney! Sorry I'm late. I hope you had a great one,and I'll be praying for #1 as well!


Courtney said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nora! And thanks for your prayers. Very appreciated. =)