Monday, September 6, 2010

Number 13 ... making pictures (in words) to remember

So long manicures. Hasta luego ideas of fall wardrobes. Hello thrift. It makes good sense anyway. It was fun to camp for FREE in our backyard, verses the campground a few miles away that charged $35 per night, for a tent, for two.

Doing the weekly shop today, our week's menu had leftover nights built in and dinners with 80/20% fat ratio--besides, it makes a better burger. I worked hard at stretching this grocery list as far as I could.

In the personal care aisle, eying mouthwash. Listerine for A LOT or the store brand for $1.50. I hoped Shane wouldn't notice the difference.

He helped unload groceries when I got home. Took his mouthwash and set it on the steps for a future trip upstairs. After lunch he asks, "Why did you get me the Care First mouthwash?"

"It was WAY cheaper than Listerine. And since you're Mr. Mouthwash, you'll be done in a week with it anyway. I can switch back next time if you don't like it."

"Hmph," he said. "I notice you didn't get generic M&Ms. Nope, you didn't skimp there!"

I love this man.

A picture in words ... a link to a 30-year reflection of marriage. I like number 17 too.

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